Horse killed and teenager injured in collision on the A19

  • North Yorkshire police are appealing for witnesses after a teenager was injured and her horse killed following a collision with a car on the A19 at Eggborough.

    The police have confirmed that a red Toyota Yaris driven by a 23-year-old local woman hit the 14-year-old girl as she was entering the carriageway from a side road at around 2pm last Thursday (8 August).

    “While the girl escaped with only minor injuries after being thrown from the horse after it collided with the front of the car, the animal had to be put down by a vet to prevent further suffering,” a North Yorkshire police spokesman said.

    Paramedics attended the scene and treated the girl and checked the driver of the car who was shocked and upset by the incident.”

    Witnesses to the collision are asked to call North Yorkshire police using the reference number 12130135003.

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