Horse kept in alleyway removed following outcry by neighbours

  • A horse being kept in an alleyway in Bristol has caused outrage among local residents.

    The horse was one of two being kept in Lawrence Weston. Neighbours estimate that the pair had been there for around a month.

    Photos taken by locals show a chestnut tethered in an alleyway between two houses so narrow it couldn’t turn around. The other horse was chained nearby.

    The hindlegs of the horse in the alley were in deep mud.

    Locals contacted the RSPCA horrified by the conditions the animals were being kept in and now calling for greater action from the charity.

    However, after calls to the charity last week (Wednesday 1 April) inspectors visited the site and the horses were removed.

    “We have received calls from concerned members of the public about two horses being kept in a garden in the Lawrence Weston area of Bristol,” an RSPCA spokesman told H&H.

    “Our inspectors have made several visits to the property to issue advice to the owner to improve the environment in which the horses are being kept. We understand the current situation is that the horses have now been moved.”

    Neighbour Andrew Hiles told the Bristol Post: “The situation has got worse and worse. Those are some terrible conditions to live in.

    “It has been going on for a while. I would like to know how they even came to own these horses.”

    An RSPCA spokesman added: “If anyone is concerned about the welfare of horses or any animal they can ring our inspectorate line on 0300 123 8018.”

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