Horse attacked by cougar in USA

  • A two-year-old filly has had to be put down after being attacked by a cougar in La Pine, Oregon, USA.

    Owner Lou Gillette went to feed the horse on Sunday morning and found extensive wounds to both flanks and the filly’s right shoulder.

    It was decided that the injuries were too severe to be treated and the horse was euthanased.

    Federal wildlife officer Jack Spencer, who analysed animal tracks at the scene and the horse’s wounds, confirmed that the attack was carried out by a cougar.

    Cougars have been sighted in the area several times in recent months and it is believed, on this occasion, that the animal jumped the paddock fence to reach its prey.

    Sgt Ronny Dozier, the Deschutes County Sheriff deputy who attended the incident said:

    “Spencer is currently assessing the situation and will take appropriate action when the assessment is complete.”

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