Horse and leader killed on road

  • A man and the horse he was leading have both been killed after being hit by a vehicle on a minor road in the village of Grampound Road, near Truro in Cornwall.

    William Danning, 40, from Grampound Road was leading a horse that was being ridden by a 14-year-old girl when they were hit by a Land Rover last Sunday (9 February) at around 5pm.

    Mr Danning was pronounced dead at the scene while the horse died before a vet could arrive.

    The teenage rider, who was not related to the deceased, was taken to the Royal Cornwall Hospital, where she was later released suffering from minor arm and leg injuries.

    The 44-year-old male driver also from Grampound village was uninjured in accident.

    Conditions at the time of the accident were reported to be fine and dry with clear skies and good visibility. The road was dry and in good repair, although the sun was reported to be low in the sky which could have caused glare through the driver’s windscreen.

    A post mortem has been carried out on the dead man and the police are continuing their investigations.

    A police spokesperson from Devon and Cornwall Constabulary said: “At the current time no-one has been charged and we are still interviewing witnesses regarding this incident.”

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