Gypsy cob upgraded to dressage champion

  • A coloured gypsy cob, Tiger Tim, has won the 2013 restricted novice dressage championships after the winner was disqualified.

    British Dressage (BD) has disqualified the original winner of Dodson & Horrell novice restricted class at last month’s Espayo National Championships (20 September) after it was discovered that the rider was ineligible to ride in the restricted novice section.

    As a result of the disqualification, Denise Kersley’s traditional gypsy cob is now the official champion. Ridden by Alysa Matravers, “Timmy” scored an impressive 69.31% in the class.

    Owner Denise of Coombe Farm Stud in Dorset bred the stallion, having bought his sire from travellers when they moved into the area. The cob drew crowds at the festival standing out from the traditional warmbloods.

    The initial winner Elena Carroll, riding Gemma Appleton’s Moviman, has a dual British and Australian nationality and before 2011 had lived and competed in Australia. As a result Elena should have been given a Group 3 status when she initially registered with BD. However, because BD was unaware of her background she was given a Group 8 status.

    Evidence has now been given of her competition history in Australia and she has subsequently been downgraded to a group 6, but this still makes her ineligible for novice restricted.

    Paul Graham, BD Sport Manager said: “While it is unfortunate to have to take this action, Elena has been open with us and helpful in investigating the situation.

    “I do believe that it was an genuine mistake and Elena’s honesty and integrity was not at question.”

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