German horse gets stuck headfirst in a tyre

  • A pony had to be cut free from a tyre in Germany, after getting wedged in headfirst.

    Smila was rescued by firemen who cut away the tyre.

    Her owner Marlene Schmidt from Limmer thinks Smila had been trying to graze under the tyre, when she slipped and became stuck.

    “She’s very playful and often gets into scrapes,” Ms Schmidt told local press. “But I am just happy that nothing worse happened.”

    Smila’s not the first horse to get stuck in an uncomfortable position.

    Last March a five-year-old New Forest pony had to be rescued after getting wedged between two trees that formed a V shape in Hampshire.

    And in 2008 photos of a horse in West Virginia called Gracie with her head stuck in a tree went round the internet.

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