Galway city council putting down stray horses

  • Large numbers of unclaimed stray horses in Galway city, Ireland, are being put down by the city council.

    The latest round up of horses, between 3-8am yesterday (25 August), brought the total number of horses impounded to 67 since the start of the year, many of which will be put down.

    The horses are viewed as posing a danger to general public, especially children.

    Last year, 62 equines were picked up from common land but only four were reclaimed.

    The rest, 58 ponies and horses, were put down.

    A Galway city spokesman suggested that the cost of reclaiming an animal would outweigh that of buying a new one.

    Owners have to pay a €500 impounding fee, a €250 fine and a €25-a-day charge to reclaim their horse.

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