Former farrier admits he punched police horse

  • A former farrier who admitted to punching a police horse (not pictured) has been given a four-month suspended prison sentence.

    Civil engineer Wayne Baker, 46, was arrested at the Memorial Stadium in Bristol on 3 May at 2.45pm after a mounted officer had followed him to the turnstiles.

    He appeared at Bristol Crown court last Thursday (20 November) for sentencing.

    The court heard how Mr Baker had previously been trampled on by a horse and was on his way to watch his first football match in 20 years.

    The match was between Bristol Rovers and Mansfield Town.

    PC Tracey Small and her horse Jubilee had joined colleagues to escort about 50 Mansfield fans towards the stadium, said prosecutor Julian Howells.

    The court was told missiles were thrown at officers and Mr Baker was spotted picking up a cone.

    “The defendant was told put it down and he did put the cone down,” Mr Howells told the court. “PC Small turned Jubilee towards the defendant and, with his right fist, he punched the horse to the left side of its neck. It connected and the horse threw its head to the right side.”

    Sarah Isle, defending, is reported as saying her client’s past experience of being trampled on by a horse made him fear the same thing would happen when the police horse appeared.

    Judge Euan Ambrose gave Mr Baker a four-months suspended prison sentence, with 250 hours of unpaid work. He was also given a four-year football banning order.

    He is not the first to have been punished for such rage.

    Last year a football fan who punched a police horse in the head was jailed for a year.

    Barry Rogerson, from Bedlington, Northumberland, hit Bud, of the West Yorkshire Mounted branch, in the face at a Newcastle United v Sunderland match at St James’ Park on 14 April.

    Video footage that seemed to show a fan attacking Bud, caused outrage online.

    Mr Rogerson, who is a Newcastle fan, pleaded guilty to violent disorder, was jailed for a year and also banned from going to football matches for six years.

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