Forest Farmacy launches antibiotic cream for winter

  • Forest Farmacy has launched a new cream to help horse owners deal with equine emergencies over the winter.

    During winter, exposure to the elements and excess of mud can lead to problems and infection of wounds.

    Forest Farmacy claims its new Herbal Antibiotic Cream contains a unique combination of ingredients to help prevent this.

    It has a shea butter base to held soothe and heal cuts and scrapes while preventing infection and also encourages hair regrowth.

    “Ingredients used to formulate Herbal Antibiotic Cream include marigold, calendula and myrrh which work together to offer anti fungal and anti bacterial properties as well as stimulate healing,” said a spokesman for Forest Farmacy.

    “St John’s Wort and hypericum assist in maintaining nerve endings. In addition propolis is used to help create a protective barrier and is used naturally by bees to protect their colony against any foreign bodies.”

    Herbal Antibiotic Cream costs £10. And for limited time Forest Farmacy is offering free samples of the cream — email: info@forestfarmacy.com for your trial pot.

    For further information visit: www.forestfarmacy.com

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