Foot and mouth: how it happened

  • 3 Aug: foot and mouth disease confirmed at farm near Guildford, Surrey. 3km protection and 10km surveillance zones placed around the premises. GB-wide national movement ban of ruminants and pigs imposed. Hunting ceases

    9 Aug: live animals to slaughter and collection of dead animals from farms permitted outside protection and surveillance zones

    21 Aug: hunting resumes. Horses can move into or out of protection zone and between premises within protection zone under licence

    23 Aug: animal exports resume to EU. FMD movement restrictions lifted

    3 Sep: markets for cattle, sheep, and pigs resume in England and Wales, outside surveillance zone. Animals susceptible to FMD can be taken outside the surveillance zone

    7 Sep: all FMD restrictions dropped

    12 Sep: hunting ceases again — news of suspected outbreak in Norfolk

    14 Sep: two cases confirmed in Surrey

    21 Sep: sixth FMD case within protection zone

    24 Sep: seventh case confirmed in Surrey zone

    4 Oct: markets resume in low-risk areas

    12 Oct: DEFRA prepares to lift the FMD protection zone in Surrey and other movement restrictions across Britain on Wednesday, 17 October, provided there is no change to the disease situation

    15 Oct: 2,160 animals have been culled in the outbreak so far and DEFRA offers £12.5m “aid package” to farmers

    17 Oct: hunting resumes across the UK

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