Foot-and-mouth disease

  • Horse shows and events carried on this weekend, most with precautions in place, despite the foot-and-mouth (FMD) outbreak in Surrey.

    At county shows, polo matches, events and show jumping competitions, horseboxes and trailers drove over straw soaked in disinfectant to get into the grounds, where dogs were banned.

    Although DEFRA has placed restrictions on the movement on livestock, horses, ponies and donkeys can still be transported, apart from those kept within 3km from the premises affected with FMD in Guildford.

    Horseboxes and trailers cannot be moved from premises within the 3km protection zone, where susceptible animals are kept except under licence.

    But the British Horse Society (BHS) has urged horse owners to remain vigilant and act responsibly.

    Mark Weston, BHS director of access, safety and welfare said: “While there are no restrictions on horse movements outside of the 3km protection zone, it is important that all horse owners and riders are vigilant and do everything they can to help prevent the spread of foot-and-mouth, and observe the highest of bio security measures on and off their own yards.”

    For the latest developments keep checking horseandhound.co.uk and for in-depth analysis on how the horse world has reacted to the outbreak, see Thursday’s issue of H&H

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