Follow Shires Equestrian on facebook and twitter

  • Shires Equestrian has embraced the social networking revolution by setting itself up on Facebook and Twitter, and starting its very own blog.

    Shires’ twitter page can be found at www.twitter.com/shires1 and its facebook page at www.facebook.com/shiresequestrian. Both areas are regularly updated with the latest from Shires HQ.

    “We’re really pleased with how many fans and followers we have gathered over the relatively short amount of time that these pages have been running,” explains Rhea Freeman, Shires’ marketing manager.

    “We find both sites have really useful ways of communicating with our customers. We are finding out a bit more about them, what makes them tick and what they do with their horses. We also have a blog that we update regularly as, as great as Twitter is, sometimes 140 characters just isn’t enough!”

    Shires’ blog can be found at www.shiresequestrian.blogspot.com

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