Foal left for dead in a trailer recovering well

  • A foal is recovering well at an RSPCA equine centre after being left to die in a trailer.

    The pony was found emaciated and worm-infested in the back of a horse trailer in Wiltshire on 7 January.

    Barry, a bay colt, was found by the RSPCA collapsed in the vehicle on the Blandford Road in Salisbury.

    He was so weak he was unable to stand.

    A spokesman for the RSPCA told H&H today: “After 10 days at an equine hospital the foal is now being cared for at an RSPCA equine centre where he is doing well.

    “His progress is being carefully monitored by the vet and he needs to gradually gain a lot of weight, but he is much stronger.

    “So far we still have had no information as to who owns or is responsible for him.”

    A number of horses are tethered on the land and despite appeals and local enquiries no one has come forward about the pony.

    RSPCA chief inspector Robbie Roberts said: “This pony has been seen grazing in the area since last summer.

    “It is likely he was shut in the trailer and left to die by someone who did not wish to give him the veterinary attention he so badly needed and did not want anyone to see how ill he was.

    “It beggars belief that someone could be heartless enough to leave this poor creature shut up in the back of a trailer instead of seeking help.

    “This incident happened in a popular dog walking area, so we hope somebody will recognise this pony and know who is responsible.

    Anyone with information should telephone the RSCPA on 0300 1234 999

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