FMD: BHS urges Surrey riders to stay home

  • The British Horse Society (BHS) is urging horse owners in the foot-and-mouth surveillance zone (SZ) to remain vigilant and hack responsibly.

    “The horse industry and the farming industry have a very close symbiotic relationship,” said Mark Weston, BHS director of access, safety and welfare. “I would urge all horse riders within the protection cones to keep their horses on their own premises for the time being, to assist in the prevention of the spread of this awful disease.”

    The BHS has issued new advice to riders in Surrey this afternoon, asking those who keep their horses within the 10km foot-and-mouth SZ to do the following:

    • on premises where there are susceptible animals (ie cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, llamas, alpacas, deer) to keep their horses on the premises, and NOT hack out in the countryside
    • on premises where there are no susceptible animals:
      • not to take their horses to premises where there are susceptible animals and
      • not to ride on public rights of way or open spaces within the SZ where there are susceptible animals.

    Hacking in the FMD protection zone (PZ) is now banned by DEFRA.

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