FEI General Assembly 2011 Rio: It’s GA day

  • I’m feeling pretty overdressed as I write this blog from the FEI General Assembly 2011 in Rio de Janiero.

    Today was the fabled general assembly (GA) and tonight it’s the FEI Gala Evening at the very swish Copacabana hotel, and I’m already in my glad rags.

    From 9am until 4.30pm the FEI has been doing what it does very well, reporting on targets hit and those set, voting on regulations and making plans.

    There have been rule changes and wording changes in all the sports — except endurance, which got a gold star from first vice-president John McEwen, who has in the chair instead of president HRH Princess Haya, whose baby is due in January.

    I will give more of a low down in H&H next week. but some interesting issues were raised during the four days of the conference.

    But all in all the GA was without the big issues that have monopolised discussion in years past — like the non-steroidal drug issue or last year’s presidential election.

    There was also a feeling of anticipation with presentations by Tim Hadaway and Jeremy Edwards of the London 2012 equestrian organising committee and the organiser of the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy.

    I don’t know if it was just the scenes of my local park, Greenwich, but I must admit to feeling a little emotional as the inspirational video promoting London 2012 blared out in the assembly hall.

    And while I don’t necessarily have Jeremy’s confidence in London’s transport system or Andrew Finding’s in the weather, I know next year is going to be amazing.

    Must go now as my carriage awaits but a final thought — one lady received an award today for attending 15 general assemblies. Ask me again next year, but at the moment I’m glad I’ve only got the one to make sense of!

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