Event riders on the mend following Badminton falls

  • Event riders are back home and on the mend following falls in the cross-country at Badminton Horse Trials (4-8 May).

    This year’s youngest Badminton competitor Emily King had an unfortunate fall at the second to last fence, the second element of the Rolex Crossing, following a strong round with Brookleigh.

    The 20-year-old was understandably disappointed, but neither she nor “Brook” was injured.

    “Such a shame,” said Emily following her round. “Brook and I were having such a super round, but he just tired towards the end which resulted in a fall.

    “Luckily both him and I are fine. I feel so honoured and lucky to have experienced Badminton, it truly is the greatest event on earth and I just can’t wait to compete there again.”

    Fellow British rider Jeanette Brakewell had a heavy fall at the first element of the Rolex Crossing with Lets Dance.

    Jeanette was momentarily stuck underneath her horse, but was sitting up and talking before being taken to Southmead hospital for observation.

    She suffered broken ribs but is now back home recovering.

    “Jeanette and Lets Dance are both fine after their fall at the penultimate fence on Badminton’s cross country course,” said a spokesman for the rider.

    “Both are a bit battered and sore, and Jeanette has broken a few ribs — but she’ll be back in the saddle before you know it.”

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    Australian Chris Burton fell at the first element of the Shogun Hollow.

    “A little bit sore and sorry this morning,” said Chris the day after the fall. “Nobilis is absolutely fine after our little tumble. He was giving me a great ride and just made a mistake at an unforgiving fence.”

    Italian Vittoria Panizzon was unseated at the second Jack Wills Garden Rails when Borough Pennyz went underneath the fence.

    “After a fantastic start to our round, Pennyz did a novel ‘over and under’ a large parallel when a bad stride put us in it,” said Vittoria.

    “I dismounted while she extricated herself and I think the Pariani saddle took the brunt of it all as we are both thankfully absolutely fine. I have nothing more than whiplash and a very white annoyed pony.”

    Vicarage Vee falls


    Jodie Amos, Lucy Jackson, Tom Crisp, Michael Owen and Boyd Martin all fell at the notoriously challenging Vicarage Vee (pictured above).

    “Fig (Figaro van Het Broekxhof) made the first 21 fences of a very influential cross-country course feel pretty effortless, showing off all his scope before we sadly came unstuck at the testing Vicarage Vee,” said Jodie.

    “Hindsight is a great thing and had we been drawn later in the day, given all the problems it caused we probably would of taken the long route, but on the positive side what an exciting horse.”

    Tom and Coolys Luxury were uninjured in their tumble.

    “Cooly giving me a cracking ride up to that point, just a fraction off at the Vicarage Vee. Such a shame,” said Tom. “Fit for another day though.”

    Meanwhile Lucy said she and her horse, Bosun, were “both fine” following the fall, while Boyd said he was “kicking himself”.

    “We were on a half-stride, and he’d have had to either take off long to one of the most intimidating fences in the world, or do what I did: I gave him a pull and tried to add a chip, and we came crashing down,” he said.

    “Luckily Crackers (Cracker Jack) and I are unscathed and we’ll live to fight another day.”

    Michael also said he and Bradeley Law were not hurt in the fall.

    Pippa Funnell and Sandman 7 at Withington Manor Trials 2016. Picture by Peter Nixon

    Pippa Funnell and Sandman 7 at Withington Manor Trials 2016. Picture by Peter Nixon

    Meanwhile, Pippa Funnell has returned home following her fall at Withingon Manor Horse Trials (1 May).

    Pippa fell at fence 16 on an advanced course.

    She was taken to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxfordshire but returned home on the Wednesday (4 May).

    Pippa’s ride Sandman 7 was treated by vets and walking sound.

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