Equestrian events to be ‘in the heart’ of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

  • Equestrian events at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo look set to be in the thick of the action, taking the main stage alongside other sports once again.

    “The initial venue layout for 2020 looks to put equestrian at the heart of the Games, as in London 2012 which is good news,” said Will Connell of the British Equestrian Federation.

    “We have been privileged to welcome a number of Japanese equestrian athletes in Britain in the past, especially in eventing, and we hope this relationship will build and develop over the coming years.”

    However, British riders will have to prepare themselves for potentially testing conditions — especially for the heat and humidity.

    “Tokyo will be a long journey for us and the climate will be similar to Hong Kong (where the equestrian competitions of the 2008 Games were staged) but I am confident that we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that our horses and athletes can produce their optimum performance in such conditions,” said Will.

    The city, which also hosted the Games in 1964, won the bid ahead of Istanbul and Madrid at the weekend.

    It will become the fifth city to hold the Games twice, though Tokyo also won the bid in 1940, but the Games were cancelled due to World War II.

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