Do you dream of showjumping?

  • Is there just not enough time in the day for your future equestrian star to practise seeing the perfect stride? Fear not, now they can practise in their sleep, thanks to a new bed styled like an oxer showjump.

    The Pony Bed comes with posts, picket fence detail, painted poles and detachable sides.

    Young jockeys need not have nightmares about getting four faults, as the bed is made with solid timber base slats and hard-wearing paint.

    Designer Reece Van Sanden said: “The idea originated from a client’s enquiry to make a bed based around a showjump for her daughter. We soon realised the concept was extremely popular.

    “It seems that the imagination is the only limit to the equestrian furniture themes that people might like!”

    The beds are slightly more pricey than your average showjump, coming in at £450.

    ➤ For more information visit: www.ponybeds.co.uk

    This article was first published in Horse & Hound magazine (20 February 2014)

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