Donkey rescued from fire put down due to trauma

  • A donkey who was rescued from a fire in North Yorkshire last month has died of stress.

    On Saturday 18 July two donkeys were saved from a fire at a stable block off Seamer Road in Scarborough.

    A stable block and a horse trailer were set alight in the suspected arson attack.

    One donkey, called Prince, was rescued by firefighters but was put down last week after suffering from trauma after the attack.

    The two-year-old donkey had stopped eating and became afraid to go out of his stable.

    Owner Rachel Phillips told the Scarborough Evening News: “The fire really affected Prince. On the one occasion I managed to take him for a walk he freaked out at an ambulance siren. He cowered next to a tree and wouldn’t move.

    “We were force-feeding him in hope, but he became very weak. In the end I had to call the vet out to put him to sleep.”

    The other donkey is fine.

    Anyone with information should contact 0845 6060 247.

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