Donate unwanted bits to help Indian horses

  • Riders are being asked to have a spring clean and dig out their old or unwanted bits to help horses in India.

    The equipment is needed for two unique breeds of Indian horses that currently are often ridden using homemade snaffles which are crudely filed with jagged edges and cause immense suffering and injury to the animals.

    Non-profit-making organisation Friends of Marwari/Kathiawari Horse UK was formed help raise awareness of the plight of these curly-eared horses which originate from the northern desert areas of India and are considered divine.

    Charity workers say it is often a lack of education or knowledge by the owner, not a deliberate choice to hurt their steed and that is why they want British equestrians to donate their unwanted bits.

    UK chairman Caroline Moorey said: “It is our hope that the more conventional bits we can circulate within the horse community in India then the more chance there is of a horse or pony not going through the suffering of having a crudely filed homemade bit put in their mouth.”

    The next shipment of tack is scheduled to leave the UK next month (March).

    To find out the nearest donation point for you, email info@friendsofmarwari.org.uk

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