Dog guards master’s body for two days

  • When an RAF rescue helicopter discovered the body of Graham Snell on a mountain side in Scotland, with him was his companion, Jack Russell terrier, Heidi. She is thought to have stood guard over her master’s body for two days.

    Graham Snell, a retired journalist from Berkshire, was hillwalking on Ben Kilbreck, 20 miles, south of Tongue in northern Scotland.

    A spokesperson for the Northern Constabulary said: “It’s not exactly clear what happened, but it looks like Mr Snell fell approximately 60ft down a steep cliff. It’s possible he became disorientated because of poor weather or he could have gone to rescue his dog.”

    The police were first alerted to the incident when the owner of the campsite where Mr Snell was staying reported he was missing. The local mountain rescue team and a Scottish rescue dogs group were called in but it was the RAF helicopter from Kinloss which found the body.

    The dog was taken to a local animal rescue centre and is now believed to have been collected by the family.

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