Dengie supports The Blue Cross ‘Fat Horse Slim’ campaign

  • Dengie has joined forces with The Blue Cross to launch a new obesity awareness campaign, ‘Fat Horse Slim’.

    The campaign aims to raise owners’ awareness and understanding of one of the largest causes of equine euthanasia nationwide, through media releases, competitions and sales of a weight management pack.

    The Fat Horse Slim weight management pack offers practical advice on how to tackle obesity, and is now available to order online from The Blue Cross website. Sponsored by Dengie, the pack retails for £8 plus postage, and contains a number of useful weight management tools, including a measuring tape, wall chart, body condition score guide, and a Blue Cross guide to weight management and monitoring.

    Dengie is also providing a £1-off voucher for Dengie low-energy products and a voucher for a free Dengie measuring bucket. The voucher will be redeemable on the Dengie website (measuring bucket only) and at all Dengie stockists.

    Dengie manufactures a number of low calorie, low sugar feeds, such as Hi-Fi Lite, Healthy Hooves, and Hi-Fi Good Doer, which can help combat obesity.

    Dengie Nutritionist Katie Williams said: “We are delighted to be part of the Fat Horse Slim campaign. Obesity in horses is a growing problem in the UK and one that can lead to a number of health issues. Many owners are not aware that their horse is overweight until a problem develops. Hopefully this campaign will help to better educate horse owners and empower them to tackle this potentially deadly condition head on.”

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