Country sports outfitter Oliver Brown beats the credit crunch

  • London-based hunting, shooting and country outfitter Oliver Brown is “overturning the credit crunch” by doing a roaring trade over the past season.

    “From November to March, we have actually grown in profits and seen an overall 11% increase in sales turnover,” said Kristian Robson, owner of the Sloane Street shop and website, www.oliverbrown.org.uk

    Mr Robson said he has sold a “great deal of hunting kit”, including “breeches by the 100s”.

    “We’ve even sold right out of hunt coats,” he said. “I can only imagine it’s because hunting is a growing sport, and country folk are actually making some money, thank goodness.”

    Jill Grieve, organiser of the Countryside Alliance Awards — formerly the Rural Retailer of the Year awards — said she was hearing the same message across the country.

    “Specialist retailers all appear to be doing well,” she said. “It would seem that people don’t want to give up their hobby during all this doom and gloom.”

    This article was first published in Horse & Hound (26 March, ’09)

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