Charlotte Dujardin gets a new set of wheels

  • Charlotte Dujardin has had a custom-made lorry created with her and Valegro painted on the side.

    The team and individual Olympic gold medallist has teamed up with Boss Horseboxes to create a new bespoke lorry to transport her horses.

    “These past 2 years have been life changing for me and I will cherish these moments forever,” said Charlotte.

    “I am delighted that my bespoke Boss box shouts loud and proud that British Dressage has entered a new era, in which we are proud to be a part.”

    Charlotte and Valegro and currently preparing for the European Championships which will take place in Herning, Denmark later this month (20 – 25 August).

    Clive Ecroyd from Boss Horsesboxes said: “She was fantastic to work with, very modest and humble, despite her recent amazing success and deserves to have a box that will remind people of how far British Dressage has come.”

    Watch Charlotte and Valegro’s winning test in Rotterdam

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