Champion pony breeder withdraws appeal against horse ban

  • Dartmoor pony breeder and judge, David Hinde and his mother have been ordered to pay almost £185,000 for the care of 38 ponies seized by the RSPCA.

    Hinde, 46, was banned from keeping horses for three years last September, after admitting causing unnecessary suffering to a pony.

    RSPCA officers said the pony (pictured) was at “death’s door”. He has since made a full recovery.

    But Hinde – who told police that his mother owned the ponies – appealed against the ban on keeping horses.

    The charity was forced to look after the ponies while Hinde launched his legal challenge.

    He made three appearances at Hull Crown Court, before withdrawing the appeal earlier this month.

    The court heard that the dispute had cost the RSPCA £186,000 in stabling and vets’ bills.

    And yesterday (3 May), the judge ordered that Hinde should pay £95,338 and his mother, Cynthia Hinde, 72, pay £95,338 to cover the cost. Mrs Hinde had appealed a ruling that the animals be put into the care of the RSPCA. There was no allegation that she had neglected their welfare.

    Hinde, of Aberford, West Yorkshire, bred – but no longer owns – the 2010 dual Horse of the Year Show and Olympia champion, Pumphill Buckthorn.

    The Hindes’ barrister, Sarah Barlow, said her clients had been poorly advised to bring the appeals and she had come to the case late.

    She added that Mrs Hinde was concerned she would not have the means to pay the costs of the case because of her age – and was worried she would lose her house.

    The RSPCA is now able to find the ponies new homes and is keen to hear from anyone who sold a pony to the Hindes and is interested in taking it back.

    For more information, call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 and ask to leave a message for chief inspector Cathy Hyde, who is coordinating the rehoming

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