Buy a Dartmoor and take part in horse agility challenge

  • Fans of Dartmoors have an extra reason to buy a pony at this week’s Chagford Pony Sale at Chagford Market on 4 June.

    New charity The Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony (FDHP) has teamed up with the Horse Agility Club in Devon to offer buyers the chance to win £500 in a new challenge.

    Following the purchase of a Dartmoor pony at the sale new owners will have two months to train their ponies to complete a specially designed agility course.

    Entrants film their attempt and send it in to the charity by 4 August, and Vanessa Bee, founder of the International Horse Agility Club, will judge the winner, based upon good handling and accuracy.

    Charlotte Faulkner, vice chairman of the FDHP, said: “The idea behind this is two-fold. First it is a lovely way for us follow up and see how our ponies are doing but, more importantly, it is a fun way to encourage people to help give these lovely ponies a future.”

    The FDHP are working to help secure the long-term future of the Dartmoor pony.

    For more information about the competition, and how to donate to the charity, please visit www.friendsofthedartmoorhillpony.co.uk or telephone Charlotte Faulkner: 01364 631036

    More information can be found about the new sport of horse agility, a way of competing horses without riding, at www.horseagility.co.uk

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