‘Drive less, move more’: charity initiative could benefit riders

  • Riders could have access to safer roads if a charity’s campaign to encourage the public to drive less frequently is successful.

    Road safety charity Brake is urging motorists to reduce car journeys and walk, cycle or use public transport instead.

    The “Drive less, move more” initiative aims to show people the advantages of alternative modes of transport, particularly for shorter journeys.

    Brake has created a free internet resource for members of the public to learn more about the benefits not driving as often.

    “The resource is a powerful tool that shows that by driving less, you can improve road safety, prevent casualties, become more active, and protect the planet,” said Gary Rae of Brake.

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    “The resource is freely available to road safety practitioners, employers, driving instructors and educators to help them raise awareness of the benefits of active and sustainable transport.”

    Petition for safer roads

    Meanwhile, a Cornish rider has launched a petition calling for drivers to slow down for horses.

    The petition, which was taken to the government on Thursday (20 November), has received more than 18,000 signatures since it was set up on 14 September.

    Debbie Smith was spurred on to launch the petition after numerous run-ins with drivers going too fast on the local lanes around Penzance.

    She is delivering the petition to her local MP, Derek Thomas, who will be handing it to the transport minister.

    “The roads are becoming much more dangerous,” said Debbie. “There’s heavier traffic using the country lanes; drivers are going too fast and don’t slow down for riders.”

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