BETA secures funding to subside two more trade missions

  • The British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) has secured funding to subsidise a further two shows on top of its regular programme of trade missions over the next year.

    The funding has been granted despite government spending reviews, which have resulted in a cut to UK trade and Investment spending.

    This additional funding will allow BETA to accompany companies to a second American Equestrian Trade Association (AETA) in the United States (13-15 August) and Le Salon du Cheval, France, (3-11 December).

    Other trade missions are planned to Spoga, Germany (4-6 September) AETA, United States (28-30 January 2012) and the Dubai International Horse Fair, United Arab Emirates, (22-24 March 2012).

    Grants of £1,400 per company are available for each show, bar Spoga and Le Salon du Cheval, which are fixed at £1,000. Places in the groups are open to both BETA members and non-BETA members.

    “BETA-led trade missions are a fantastic way for companies wishing to develop their export opportunities,” said BETA executive director Claire Williams.

    “British equestrian products are highly prized and enjoy a keen reputation for innovation, high standards and traditional values.

    “Companies that exhibit as part of a BETA group benefit from the trade association’s vast experience of international trade shows, logistical support and export advice.”

    For further information tel: 01937 587062 or email: tinar@beta-int.com

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