Barefoot trimming regulations move a step closer

  • New standards for barefoot trimmers, drawn up by farriers, vets and trimmers, will be out for public consultation next month.

    Lisa Jarvis, of skills agency Lantra, said: “We want everyone to give us their views on the standards, which lay down a level for trimmers to work to.”

    Concerned it would devalue their training, farriers were angry earlier this year when the idea of the standards was mooted (news, 26 February).

    The Farriers Registration Council was unavailable for comment, but Dr Giles Holtom, vice-chairman of the UK Horse Shoers Association, said: “We were not asked to be part of the consultation and are not happy.”

    Lantra insists the process has improved relationships between barefoot trimmers and farriers.

    Jo Grimes of the UK Institute of Equine Podiatry said: “Barefoot trimmers have bad publicity, but we have made progress.”

    This article was first published in Horse & Hound (27 August, ’09)

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