Appeal for help for Bosnian Lipizzaners

  • A British charity is trying to raise money for an eye operation on a severely injured colt at the Lipizzaner Stud at Prnjavor in northern Bosnia.

    Sarah Greenwood, development officer of UK war charity Phoenix Aid saw the animal last month during a visit to the stud and asked the director to call in a vet to treat the horse.

    She told H&H: “The yearling suffered an eye injury last spring, which was allowed to go untreated due to apathy by the director and workers at the stud.

    “Its eye is hanging out of the socket and looks infected.

    “The cost of the operation is likely to be in the region of about €600-800.”

    This is the latest chapter in on-going welfare problems at the stud that was privatised after the Bosnian conflict, resulting in a lack of care for the horses.

    Phoenix Aid, which is primarily a charity offering help to people in Bosnia, is also asking readers to email the Bosnian assistant minister of agriculture, Zoran Kovacevic to ask him to enact the EU animal welfare regulations the country recently signed up to.

    Contact Sarah on 07816 910 412 and email the government at z.kovacevic@mps.vladars.net

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