Amersham horses out of quarantine at the Horse Trust

  • The first group of horses and ponies rescued from Spindle Farm in Amersham were today let into the field for the first time.

    The six colts were soon charging around the field at the Horse Trust, after two months in quarantine.

    Horse Trust spokesman Susan Lewis told H&H: “Today was amazingly emotional and the tears of joy flowed!

    “To see the colts charging about the field was a day none of us could have envisaged two months ago when they arrived on a cold, wet Friday night in January.”

    During their time in quarantine, the colts have been properly fed, handled and given the best veterinary care. As a result they have put on weight, their coats are glossy and they are becoming more people-friendly.

    The other horses from Spindle Farm have also been put out to graze — the older dun mare, named Angel by Horse Trust staff, who was thought to be blind is now out with Horse Trust pony Disney, who is guiding her around the field.

    “Angel has surprised us all with how well she has coped and is thriving out in the paddocks,” added Susan.

    The Horse Trust reports that all the donkeys are all thriving, too.

    Yesterday (Monday), news broke that Spindle Farm owner Jamie Gray and his family are facing charges for neglecting 125 horses, ponies and donkeys found on the Amersham farm in January.

    On 4 January 31 equines were found dead at Spindle Farm in Amersham, and some 111 others were rescued in one of the biggest horse welfare cases on record in the UK.

    The Grays will appear in Oxford Magistrates Court on 27 March.

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