Equine worker receives charity employee of the year award

  • An equine charity worker has won the Petplan and Association of Dogs and Cats Home (ADCH) charity employee of the year award.

    Jenna Martyn from the Blue Cross Burford Rehoming Centre in Oxfordshire was named as Animal Charity employee of the year in recognition of the work she does with horses in her care.

    Jenna was given a cheque for£1,500 from the Petplan Charitable Trust to take back to her charity to fund her work to improve horse welfare.

    After receiving the award Jenna said: “I’m completely overwhelmed. It’s absolutely brilliant, I¹m so excited and so grateful to everybody who nominated me. I love working for Blue Cross and this is a real honour. It is fantastic that Petplan and ACDH are recognising charity work.”

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