Modern version of the traditional hunting whip goes on sale

Listen for the sound of jaws hitting the floor in the Shires as a modern version of the traditional hunting whip goes on sale.

Its creator Duncan Bradbury admits that, in the eyes of many, he has committed a “heinous crime”.

His Jubilee crop has a traditional antler horn handle at one end for opening gates, but at the other a whip, “not just a floppy bit of leather on the end of a rigid stick”. So it can be used in the same way as a riding crop.

Mr Bradbury came up with the idea after finding a hunting whip impractical when riding a young horse.

A straw poll of friends in the Cattistock and Portman revealed 90% never used the leather thong, so a hybrid was born.

“An awful lot of people in the field carry an ordinary whip; these are becoming gaudier and brighter. This seemed to be a way of preserving a sense of tradition,” he told H&H.

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From £90. For more information visit www.bespokehuntingwhips.co.uk

This news story was first published in the current issue of H&H (28 December 2012)

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