Brocklesby hold an impromptu “show” to beat the snow

  • Members of the Brocklesby refused to let the snow get in the way of a good time when winter tightened its grip on the Lincolnshire wolds earlier this month.

    With the temperature at -10 °C on a Friday evening, it was clear there was no prospect of hunting.

    So, fuelled by “several gins”, sporting artist Daniel Crane, wife Ali and their guest Paul Scott from the Bicester with Whaddon Chase – a former H&H “hunt swapper” – decided to hold an impromptu “show”.

    Paul said: “We booked Caistor EC. I was the guest judge and we decided to hold a show hunter class and chase-me-Charlie.”

    Ten competitors braved the cold. Event rider Ginny Rose scooped both classes on her former Horse of the Year Show worker Out Of Order, clearing 4ft 6in in the chase-me-Charlie.

    “The show hunter class was hysterical,” said Paul. “There were lots of unclipped horses and people in jeans cantering on the wrong leg.”

    This news story was first published in the current issue of H&H (23 February 2012)

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