Unusual training courses with horses

  • If you fancy doing an Anky van Grunsven and trying your hand at a fringe equestrian sport, here are some courses to get you started

    Vaulting and tricks course

    Jive-Pony offer vaulting experience days to people of all ages and abilities. These courses can either take place at its Cotswolds base or at your yard.

    In trick-training clinics (£40, groups of five to six), your horse can be taught how to catch, answer questions and perform a Spanish Walk.

    For more information, see www.jive-pony.co.uk Email: rebecca@jive-pony.co.uk

    Polocrosse course

    Ashfield Polocrosse Club offers a two-hour taster session for £80, or polocrosse courses that cover rules, riding, hitting, tactics, the horse, plus equipment. The six lessons cost £250.

    For more information, visit www.ashfieldspolocrosse.com Email: info@ashfieldpolocrosse.com

    Side-saddle course

    Harroway House in Andover holds one-day introductory courses. The day covers side-saddle attire, tack, mounting and dismounting, your basic position and progression from walk.

    The day costs £80, including use of a horse and lunch. A two-day course costs £180.

    For more information, tel: 01794 388157. Email: shelagh.hughes@btinternet.com

    Horse agility course

    This new sport has horses and handlers negotiating an agility course in a similar manner to dog agility. Prices vary from trainer to trainer.

    For more information and details of how to find an accredited trainer near you, go to www.horseagilitygb.com

    HOYS show rehearsal course

    Major events are stressful when you don’t know how your horse is going to react to the atmosphere. Showing star Katie Jerram is holding a course over two days (28-29 September) that allows you to rehearse for the big event. She will provide guidance with your show and preparation tips.

    For more information, www.katiejerram.co.uk Email: jmjerram@live.co.uk

    For the full feature on trying fringe equestrian disciplines, see the current issue of Horse & Hound (23 September, ’10)

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