Improve the odds of getting your mare in-foal

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Scientific advances mean the chances of getting your mare in-foal – no matter what her age – are increasing.

To give your mare the best chance of conceiving and delivering a healthy foal, there are some important practical measures you can take.

These include:

  • Ensuring she is in good physical condition: she should be well-covered, not obese nor underweight.
  • Giving her a reproductive MOT: this examination will ensure she is in the best physical shape prior to attempting breeding.
  • Monitoring her closely: familiarise yourself with her seasons, so that you always know where she is in her cycle.
  • Using highly fertile sperm: this will increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.

To read the full veterinary article on boosting your mare’s fertility see the current issue of H&H (26 January 2012)

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