Amlin Plus launches insurance to promote preventative care for foals

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    Breeders who take preventative measures to ensure the health of newborn foals will benefit from a new insurance policy launched today.

    The new Amlin Plus 24 Hour Foal Policy offers reductions in premiums for owners who have their foals blood tested and their IgG levels tested.

    The IgG is a crucial test that tells whether a foal has received enough colostrum from the mare. It can often be skipped if a foal appears healthy and boisterous.

    If a foal has failed to ingest enough colostrum — which provides crucial immunity-building antibodies from the mare — within the first 24 hours, it will weaken.

    David Ashby of Amlin Plus said the move is in recognition of the difficulties breeders face in the current economical times.

    “These benefits increase the chance of a healthy foal in the future,” he explained. “With specific blood tests to establish passive immunity transfer from the mare and a clean infection profile, we can offer very favourable rates.”

    “The discount can be continued when policies are renewed when the horse is a yearling.”

    Amlin Plus is also offering £5,000 of emergency life-saving surgery to cover colic surgery or fracture repair.

    Vet and foal expert Sarah Stoneham commented: “Routine blood tests are an essential part of a preventative medicine plan in the newborn foal; the incentive of premium reduction for these tests will hopefully encourage people not to cut costs in the current economic climate as they are an important part of reducing the risks of serious disease in the newborn foal.”

    For more information visit www.amlinplus.com

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