Weighing up your horse’s diet

  • As the weather turns chilly, owners of horses that lose condition during the winter will be considering changes to their feeding regime.

    Although striking the balance between boosting condition and maintaining rideability is always difficult, Dodson & Horrell’s free “conditioning pack” may help. It includes advice on “feeding with condition in mind”, which may help owners decide on an ideal feeding plan for the coming months.

    The pack also contains a condition score card to help owners monitor weight loss and gain, a guide to herbs, a guide to Dodson & Horrell’s products, a complimentary feed voucher, a sample of Build-Up, and a helpline card.

    For your free Dodson & Horrell conditioning pack or for expert advice on your horse’s diet, call the Dodson & Horrell helpline (tel: 0870 442 3322).

    For more information on the Dodson & Horrell range of feeds visit: www.dodsonandhorrell.com

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