Money-saving haynet launched on to market

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  • A simple net designed to save money by preventing hay wastage is being launched on the market this summer.

    The Toppa-Net is the brainchild of Anabel Bray, who became frustrated with the amount of hay that her horses were wasting when eating from their feeders and the mess made of her paddocks.

    After trialling the net at home last winter, Ms Bray claims it provides a more natural rate of consumption, slows greedy eaters and prevents grazing from being spoilt. Bales of hay were replaced every five-six days rather than every other day and she saved more than £1,400 during the winter.

    The Toppa-Net costs £35 and is suitable for use in round feeders with either round or square bales. To find out more and to place an order, visit http://toppa-net.webs.com

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