Ask H&H: feeding a pony to build muscle

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    Q: Our 12hh Welsh Section B pony is looking a bit scrawny in front. Is there anything I can feed to build the muscle up on his front end? He currently gets pasture mix.

    The fully matured conformation and basic skeletal structure of your pony will determine the overall appearance of balance from front to back end and the width across the chest.

    However, the development of muscle tone in specific areas can also have a significant impact.

    Developing muscle tone relies on the correct type and amount of ridden work and schooling, supported by a diet balanced in protein, vitamins and minerals.

    Pasture mix contains the correct nutrients to do this if it is fed in the right quantities.

    Sometimes the recommended quantity is higher than the pony needs to maintain the correct bodyweight and maintaining the correct bodyweight is very important.

    If, for example, your pony’s ideal bodyweight is 230kg then he requires 1.38kg of pasture mix per day to give him a balanced diet (calculated on the basis of 600g per 100kg bodyweight).

    If the appropriate amount to maintain the correct weight is less than this, you should ‘top up’ the important nutrients by adding a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement, such as Dodson & Horrell Daily Vits & Mins.

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