Have we woken you up? [PICTURES]

  • Whether you've arrived for an early morning ride, are keeping them up with some late-night plaiting or have put them through their paces with one too many lessons — this selection of yawning horses certainly know how to make their point. They're tired and they want you to know about it...

    1. Sonic

    Becca Walker
    “My horse Sonic yawns all the time. I think I bore him… He’s a 16.1hh thoroughbred x warmblood in his mid-teens and I do mainly hacking and some schooling with him. Contrary to what this pictures might suggest, he is actually very beautiful!”
    Becca Walker

    2. Dash

    “This is Dash, who is currently being backed. He enjoys country lane walks through Dorset to help him get used to traffic etc. We have had him since a young foal and he has taken everything in his stride. He’s a cheeky, but lovable pony, who my daughter totally adores. Everyone who meets him always says how mellow and loving he is. We can’t wait to see how he does with his education and life experiences.”
    Sera Leigh

    3. Roo

    Vickers Rachel
    “Roo is a six-year-old grey Irish sports horse. Sadly he was retired from ridden work last year, which was totally heartbreaking as he was such a talent, not to mention a great personality.”
    Rachel Vickers

    4. Schimmelchen and Elephant

    Ria Avery
    “The horses in this picture are my eight-year-old Shetland stallion Schimmelchen and my one-year-old Breton draft horse Elephant. Schimmelchen is a perfect friend to my four children and Elephant has been rescued from being sold to the butcher in France.”
    Ria Avery

    5. Cloud

    Nakita Cutler
    “This is Reflections Star on Cloud 9, known as Cloud at home. She’s a six-year-old 32″ imported American Miniature Horse. She’s the sweetest of horses with the grumpiest of looks when she doesn’t get her way! She qualified for HOYS last year and was placed third. She’s our little star.”
    Nakita Cutler

    6. Sam

    Kim Masson
    “Sam was an ex-racer that I did Riding Club activities with. He was sadly put to sleep last year, but I still have lots of fab memories of him.”
    Kim Masson

    7. Jazz

    Katherine George
    “I rescued Jazz on 1 March and at the moment we are focusing on getting better. She’s a super little pony with a massive character. At only eight-years-old, I hope she can make a full recovery.”
    Katherine George

    8. Fairy

    Georgina Nimmo
    “This is my pony Fairy yawning because I’ve just brought out the dressage bridle! Obviously she knows that we need to practice our test for our novice Pony Club event… She loves to jump, which is why she is Flying Fairy!”
    Georgie Nimmo

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