William Fox-Pitt’s top horses: in pictures

  • To mark William Fox-Pitt taking the role as guest Editor for our eventing special issue of Horse & Hound magazine, we take a look back through the H&H picture archives at some of his most popular and influential equine partners during his career to date.

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    Autumn hunting 2014: in pictures

    YorkThere are plenty of things for us to moan about when the evenings draw in and the leaves turn — mucking out, mud and wet rugs spring to mind. But surely the joys of autumn hunting make it all worthwhile?




    Horse & Hound celebrates Prince Philip’s 93rd birthday in pictures

    HARROD'S CARRIAGE DRIVING GRAND PRIX AT WINDSOR MAY 14TH 1983For a lot of people in their 90s, a lunchtime drinks party is a serious social engagement that requires the majority of their weekly energy reserves. But as Prince Philip turns 93 today, his schedule is as packed and energetic as ever. To celebrate his birthday we’ve dug deep into our archives to take a look back at his equestrian career — whether driving, playing polo or watching his grandaughter Zara Phillips in action at the London 2012 Olympic games.

    Mother’s Day 2014: Celebrating top horsey mums in pictures

    izzy-taylor2Balancing top level competition with motherhood can’t be easy — just finding enough space in the lorry for all the baby and horsey clobber is a challenge in itself. To celebrate this year’s Mother’s Day (30 March 2014), we’ve found some great pictures of competing mums at home and in action across the disciplines.


    Horses embrace Movember 2013: in pictures

    rosieIt’s that time of year again — when ‘taches sprout on the most unlikely of men and we have to put up with boyfriends, husbands, brothers and Dads waving goodbye to their razors for the 30-days of November, in the name of the charitable fundraiser Movember.

    The event aims to raise awareness and funds for men’s health, prompting conversations about often ignored issues — including prostate and testicular cancer.

    Little Tiger: Frosty’s career in pictures

    Badminton 2008Following the sad news that Little Tiger has been put down at the age of 18, Horse & Hound looks back through the archives at the diminutive mare’s impressive career.

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