Willberry Wonder Pony merchandise: what’s on offer and where to buy

  • Following the sad premature death of young event rider Hannah Francis, who suffered from bone cancer, many are asking how they can continue to support the wonderful legacy she has left behind; Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony.

    Named after the small soft toy given to Hannah when she was diagnosed with cancer, Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony became an official charity on 29 March 2016 having already raised more than £100,000 for worthy causes.

    Although Hannah is no longer with us in person, the equestrian world has pledged its allegiance to support this charity, which aims to fundraise in aid of bone cancer research to help seriously ill people, ultimately #kickingcancersbutt. Hannah also set up the charity Willberry’s Wishes, which makes the horsey dreams of young people suffering from serious illnesses come true.

    There are several ways people can support Hannah’s charities, as listed here:

    #kickingcancersbutt wristbands

    Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 15.59.09

    You can order your wristbands by call/text stating your choice of size and colour and the number of bands you want as well as your name and address to 07590453050. Colour choices are: white, dark blue, light blue, pink or red. Various sizes available. £2 each, payment by BACS to “Willberry’s” account:
    Sort code: 60-02-05
    Account number: 59445149
    RRP: £2 each

    Choc On Choc Willberry chocolate

    Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 16.01.18

    75% of each chocolate that you buy goes straight to helping Hannah’s charity. Made from milk and white Belgian chocolate, these are a great little gift or treat for yourself – and because it’s for a good cause you can enjoy it guilt-free!
    RRP: £2.50
    Visit: www.choconchoc.co.uk/willberry

    Become a friend of Willberry

    Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 16.04.52

    This is an annual donation to secure the work of the charity in the future. To become a friend there is an annual subscription of £25 for under 18s, £50 for adults, £100 for families, £500 for companies. In return for your annual subscription you will be sent a special Willberry pin, two newsletters a year and, every year, 50 names of Friends will be drawn at random, to receive an invitation (with a guest) to a Willberry Birthday Party.
    Email: friends@willberrywonderpony.org to confirm your name, address, email address and subscription rate, and pay your subscription in to the Willberry bank account (account 47820004, sort code 60 21 01), with the reference fow (Friends of Willberry) and your full name (e.g.fowjohnsmith)

    Griffin Nuumed saddlecloth

    Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 15.29.10

    The team at NuuMed worked with Hannah earlier in the year to create a Willberry Wonder Pony saddlepad: dressage, close contact and general purpose. The saddlepads are available in white – small, medium, large and extra large. Nuumed with donate £10 from each sale to Hannah’s charity. British Eventing, British Dressage and British Showjumping have confirmed the saddlepads are competition legal (as the embroidery is 14cm square).
    RRP: £36
    Visit: www.nuumed.com/willberry

    Charles James Fox base layer

    Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 15.30.41

    Ladies base layer, printed in navy (text) and hot chocolate (Willberry logo) available in sizes 6 – 18. There are a huge number of colours available for the main part of the base layer. All proceeds from the sale of this item will go to help Hannah’s charity.
    RRP: £40
    Visit: www.charlesjamesfox.com/Willberry

    Uptown Eventing Racesafe hat silk

    Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 15.35.09

    Racesafe in conjunction with Uptown E Store have produced a special Willberry hat silk which you can have in a colour choice of your own and with or without a pompom. All profits go to Hannah’s charity.
    RRP: £39
    Visit: www.uptownestore.com/willberry

    Spreadshirt Willberry T-shirts, vests and hoody

    Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 15.39.27

    Spreadshirt have a huge number of design options available for customers, with several different Willberry Wonder Pony prints. All money raised goes to Hannah’s charity.
    RRP: From £16.99
    Visit: www.spreadshirt.co.uk/willberry

    Hiho Silvery Willberry charm

    Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 15.49.56

    To celebrate Willberry’s first birthday on 10 May 2016, Hannah asked Hiho to design something to help with fund-raising. So the Hiho Silver Willberry Charm was launched .Willberry was deisgned by Hiho, approved Hannah and her family, and is handmade in sterling silver.  He has a lobster claw clasp, so that you can clip him to bracelets, necklaces or whatever you wish. For each charm sold at £20 each, you enable Hiho to donate £10 to Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony Charity
    RRP: £20
    Visit: www.hihosilver.co.uk/willberry

    Kate Negus bridle purchase donation

    Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 16.22.07

    For each international leather-lined flash or cavesson Kate Negus sells, they’ll give £15-£25 (£15 for regular headpiecebridles, £25 for Grand Prix Padded Headpiece bridles) to Hannah’s charity.
    RRP: From £185
    Visit: www.katenegus.com/willberry

    Uptown Eventing Procrush #kickingcancersbutt whip

    Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 15.56.07

    Procush & Uptown E Store have produced a ‘Special Edition’ Willberry the Wonder Pony #kickingcancersbutt whip made in Willberry’s colours.  The stem will be brown and white and writing will be in white thread. All profits go to Willberry Wonder Pony.
    RRP: £39
    Visit: www.uptownestore.com/willberry

    Countryfrog Willberry quarter marker stencil

    Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 15.44.11

    This is a fun way to show your support of Willberry Wonder Pony, brushed onto your horse or pony
    RRP: £10
    Visit: www.countryfrog.uk/willberry

    Willberry Wonder Pony Horse Lick

    Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 09.56.54

    A 12.5kg complimentary mineralised feed/lick bucket for all classes of horses and ponies. This blueberry flavoured lick is made to exacting standards and can be given as a treat and/or to supplement normal feed.  Supplied in a re-usable trug.  The colour of the trug can not be chosen. 100% of profits from the sale of each lick will be donated to Willberry Wonder Pony.
    RRP: £28
    Visit: www.horselick.co.uk/willberry

    Larkhill charity schooling day

    Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 12.25.26

    Pick your phase or do all three (dressage, showjumping and cross-country) for the benefit of Salisbury Hospice and Willberry’s Wishes on Monday 15 August at the Royal Artillery cross-country course, Larkhill. Participants will be able to train under the watchful eye and critique of the equestrian stars, including Lucinda Federicks and Louisa Lockwood. Ali Welsh, the organiser, was inspired to raise money after equestrian legend, Di Symes lost her life.  The recent passing of Hannah has spurred Ali on further to organise an extra special day to raise more funds for Willberry’s Wishes. Charlie Lane and Helen Williamson who both knew and trained  Hannah will also be there on the day to provide training.
    Visit: Larkhill Charity Schooling Day Schedule

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