Walk the Spillers 80cm H&H Festival of Eventing cross-country course

Take a virtual walk around the Spillers 80cm cross-country course at the 2019 H&H Festival of Eventing.

The cross-country takes place on Sunday (26 May).

Fence 1 Keysoe logs (orange numbers)

Fence 2 log stack

Fence 3 step

Fence 4 wall

Fence 5a arch table

Fence 5b brush log

Fence 6 stick pile

Fence 7 water

Fence 8a step

Fence 8b stone wall

Fence 9a

Fence 9b ditch

Fence 10 rail

Fence 11 double brush

Fence 12 pallisade

Fence 13a water

Fence 13b cane

Fence 13c skinny

Fence 14 cabin

Fence 15 arch

Fence 16a houses (arena fence)

Fence 16b house (arena fence)

Fence 17 corner

Fence 18 cart

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