Walk the H&H Festival of Eventing 90cm cross-country course

  • Take a virtual walk around the 90cm cross-country course at the 2018 H&H Festival of Eventing.

    The cross-country of this three-day unaffiliated event takes place on Sunday (27 May).

    Fence 1 (orange numbers)

    Fence 2

    Fence 3

    Fence 4a

    Fence 4b

    Fence 5a

    Fence 5b

    Fence 6

    Fence 7

    Fence 8

    Fence 9a

    Fence 9b

    Fence 10

    Fence 11

    Fence 12a

    Fence 12b

    Fence 13

    Fence 14

    Fence 15a

    Fence 15b

    Fence 16a

    Fence 16b

    Fence 17

    Don’t miss the full report from the H&H Festival of Eventing in Horse & Hound magazine — on sale Thursday, 7 June and follow online at www.horseandhound.co.uk.

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