9 things beginner riders should be warned about

While some of us can’t even remember the first time we sat on a horse, we just know that we’ve rarely been off one since, there are still plenty of people discovering the joy for the very first time. Here are a few things Harriet Page believes they’ll learn pretty quickly...

1. You’ll find hay and horse hair everywhere. No matter how many times you wash and shake out your clothes, you’ll always be finding a bit of Star’s dinner and coat in them. Soon your clothes won’t feel right without that familiar itch on your arm.

2. “She needs to pick that hind leg up more over the fence” becomes a completely acceptable thing to say when watching someone do the hurdles. That’s right — equine lingo becomes part of your everyday life, and it’ll stay there forever.

3. Likewise, discussions about whips and spurs become so commonplace that you’re genuinely confused when someone asks you if you’re writing the next E.L. James novel. And when they mention 50 Shades of Grey you ask them which shade their steed is, because yours is dapple…

4. Many of your friends might be out buying the latest fashion trends, but if it’s not perfect for the yard then you’re not interested. Besides, you were wearing jodhpurs long before they became trendy, so that puts you way ahead of the fashion pack.

5. You’ll end up spending more money on the perfect pair of riding boots, the most stylish jodhpurs or even pony treats, than you will on every day essentials for yourself. You can always snack on Dobbin’s carrot treats anyway.

6. Getting up at 8am during the weekend is no longer a struggle. Why laze around in bed when you can be up the yard spending time with the best friend you’ll ever have?

7. Any carrots and apples in the house no longer form part of your five-a-day. It would be a waste for you to eat those invaluable pony treats. An apple a day will keep the vet away right?

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8. You’ll quickly discover your favourite equine discipline — and defend it to the death. Whether you become a dressage diva, stylish showjumper or exciting eventer, it’s the best discipline there is — no question.

9. Learning to ride will be the best decision you’ve ever made and you won’t know what you’d do without your four-legged friends (although you’d probably have a lot more spending money…)

Is there anything else we should add? If so please use the comments section below to share your thoughts…

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