Were you horse-mad at school? This might ring a bell

  • You’d be hard pushed to find a child raring to go at the start of a new school term. But when there’s a pony waiting in the field or at the yard, the thought of algebra is enough to bring you to tears.

    If you were pony-mad during school then you were probably…

    1. Asleep by first break during September — autumn hunting really took it out of you.

    2. Your games kit had a strange aroma of horses — that stripey hockey shirt doubled up nicely as cross-country colours at the weekend. And nothing beat a pair of school tracksuit bottoms to keep you clean at shows.

    3. Your art projects only went one way — after a series of paintings, drawings and clay models of horses, your alarmed art teacher got in touch with your parents to ask if you have any other interests.

    Continued below…

    4. Teachers nervously awaited your return after half-term — at least one arm would be in a sling after a heavy tumble.

    5. You were mysteriously absent from school on the first Thursday and Friday in May (getting your full fix at Badminton).

    6. Teachers started turning a blind eye to the hay that was attached to the back of your tights/in your hair — mucking out before school was done in your uniform to save time.

    7. Horse & Hound — and the Pony Club Manual at a push — made up your entire holiday reading list.

    8. When your teachers found you manically waving a (illegally obtained) Tote ticket at the common room TV during Cheltenham Festival, the perils of betting was the subject of the next school assembly.

    9. The high jump was your forte — all that time spent running around showjumping courses in the garden really paid off.

    What memories do you have about being pony-mad at school?

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