Get tips on improving straightness and leg yield with Spencer Wilton and the Saracen bursary winner *Promotion*

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Sian Barton, who events her former racehorse Kama Night at novice level is the winner of the Saracen Horse Feeds/Horse & Hound Ex Racehorse to Event Horse bursary, and would like to improve her dressage performance with the aim of contesting a one-star event in the autumn.

As part of her bursary, she has a lesson with international dressage rider and trainer Spencer Wilton. She explains that she normally scores in the low 30s in novice events, but would like to get more competitive and achieve scores in the 20s. She has identified exactly what she wants Spencer’s help with.

Watch highlights of the training session where Spencer gives Sian advice on improving straightness, engagement and leg yield:

A month ago Kama was assessed by Lizzie Drury, Saracen’s senior nutritionist, who advised using cereal free high energy Re-Leve to help with Kama’s stamina, hydration and to tighten his belly. In addition, she recommended Equi-Jewel, a high fat rice bran supplement to help build his topline.

She watches Kama work in the lesson and then assesses his condition.

Find out how Kama’s ration is assessed and tweaked to further support his energy and stamina for the eventing season:

Kama’s New Feed Ration

  • 2 to 2.5 kilos of Enduro-Performance split between two feeds.
  • 250 grams of Equi-Jewel
  • A joint supplement
  • Nine kilos of haylage as before

She will assess Kama again in another month.

“We’re competing soon, so I can’t wait to put the suggested training and new feeding regime into practice.” says Sian.

For an individual feeding plan for your horse from the Saracen Nutrition team – click here and complete the Feed Advice Form


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