Walk the 2017 Blenheim CCI3* cross-county course

  • This year’s SsangYong Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials CCI3* track has been designed by David Evans.

    Featuring two crossings of the lake plus a dew pond, big open ditches as well as challenging light and terrain, the beautifully presented course is set to test combinations’ accuracy and stamina.

    H&H takes a look at the course, which riders will tackle tomorrow (Saturday, 16 September).

    The red fence numbers map out the CCI3* course, while the blue are CIC3* for eight- and nine-year-olds and the white are for the Event Rider Masters

    Fence 1: Voltaire Design Saddle Rack

    Fence 2: Cub Cadet Ride On & Push

    Fence 3: Event Rider Masters Stick Pile

    Fence 4a & b: Biffa Complex

    Fence 5: Townfield Saddlery Flyer

    Fence 6a & b: Ariat Dew Pond

    Fence 7a, b & c: SsangYong Oxer to Dragons

    Fence 8: SsangYong Rexton Launch

    Fence 9: Blenheim Palace View Rails

    Fence 10a &b: Rowen Barbary Bush

    Alternative “B” option

    Fence 11: Headway Owl

    Fence 12a & b: SsangYong Musso Crossing In

    Alternative “B” option

    Fence 13: SsangYong Musso Crossing Out


    Fence 14: Ralvera Picnic Table

    Fence 15a & b: First Class Falpro Fence

    Fence 16: SsangYong Tivoli Crossover

    Fence 17a, b, c & d: Autarky Dog House Combination

    *There are alternatives for the black-flagged components of this fence

    Fence 18: CrossCountry App Haycarts

    Fence 19a, b & c: Shires Equestrian Wooded Hollow

    Fence 20: Kubota Stride

    Fence 21a & b: St James’s Place Turning Question

    Fence 22: Charles Owen Hat Box

    Fence 23a & b: Martin Collins Enterprises Olympic Houses

    Fence 24: Safrey Champness Tax Question

    Fence 25a & b: Abinddon & Witney College Conundrum

    Fence 26: Watson Oil Final Delivery

    Don’t miss our full report from Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials in the 21 September 2017 issue of Horse & Hound magazine

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