Not in the Christmas spirit yet? 8 ways to make your yard more festive

It’s probably not a good idea to fill your horse’s stable with tinsel and light-up plastic Santas, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things you can do to make your yard a bit more festive….

1. Edible wreaths

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 15.07.52

Christmas wreaths are traditionally made from holly and ivy – very pretty, but poisonous to horses. The thing about with wreaths, though, is you can make them from just about anything shaped into a circle, so why not experiment with hay and horse treats instead – like this beautiful edible equine wreath we found on Pinterest? We suggest you take the ribbons off before your horse gets to enjoy it though.

2. Horze Spirit Christmas hat

Horze Spirit Christmas Hat

Make your hacks more Christmassy by dressing your horse in a Santa hat. This one has special holes for his ears to poke through and can be worn over a bridle, so shouldn’t fall off and freak him out. Ho ho ho! (That’s not Santa — it’s the sound of passers-by sniggering at your poor horse when they see what he’s wearing…)
Price: £10.99

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3. Horze Christmas hat cover

Horze Christmas Hat Cover

Matching his/hers-and-horse Santa hats? Don’t mind if we do. After all, if you’re going to embarrass your horse – sorry, make him look really festive and funky – it’s only fair you do the same yourself.
Price: £4.49

4. Horze Christmas exercise sheet

Horze Christmas exercise sheet

Dressing your horse up in the Santa hat? You definitely need to team it up with the matching exercise rug.
Price: £15.49

5. Horze Christmas leg bands

Horze Christmas Leg Bands

And the boots. Obviously the boots.
Price: £8.99

6. Wicker reindeer

Wicker Reindeer

Why have a wicker reindeer in your yard? The question should really be: why not have a wicker reindeer in your yard?
Price: From £14.95

7. Mulled wine

Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Mulled Wine

Ah, nothing says Christmas like a good old drink-up, and mulled wine has the advantage of being both warming on a cold day, and smelling delicious. Practically medicinal, really. You can make your own, by gently warming a bottle of red wine with two cinnamon sticks, a large piece of orange rind, a large piece of lemon rind, four dessert-spoonfuls of sugar, a spoonful of all-spice, and a spoonful of cloves. Or you can just buy it, which is a lot easier. Bring a big Thermos flask full down to the yard, and everyone will be your best mate.
Price: £4.25

8. Solar fairy lights

Solar Fairy Lights

Want to put up festive fairy lights in the yard, but don’t have power – and/or don’t want to incur your YO’s wrath by wasting electricity? No problem — go for solar lights instead. These Lumify ones should work outdoors even in typical British winter conditions. Done! Just make sure they are located safely away from any inquisitive equines.
Price: £29.99